Extension of C. H. Wola Park consisted in adding the whole core of the retail part. At present, there is a large area store Castorama on the ground floor and various clothing brands on the first floor. The entire storey of the ground floor car park was also added. The installation of an impressive skylight above the commercial part was also done by us. As a result of this expansion, C. H. Wola Park became one of the most attractive shopping destinations in Warsaw.

The stores’s customers appreciated the organization of work and the original markings introduced by Kajima Poland during the extension works.

IKEA, Shopping Centre Wola Park / Warsaw

Client: IKEA Centres Polska SA
Execution period: 2014-2015
Scope of work: package shell & core
Location: Warszawa, Górczewska 124 St.
Total area: 32,000 m²