Expansion of the production plant for diesel particulate filters for automobile engines, belonging to the Japanese manufacturer of automotive components NGK Ceramics. Preparations for the expansion of the plant started still during the first phase of implementation, in the years 2015-2016. Kajima built a platform that took into account the future enlargement of the plant (more than 100,000 m²).

As part of the new investment, the production and warehouse hall (31,961 m²), the second two-storey office building (3947 m²) with technical and road infrastructure was extended. As in the first phase, Kajima constructed all the installations necessary for the operation of the hall and office building, as well as process installations (e.g. de-dusting, process exhaust, gas, water & brine chiller, compressed air, steam, heat recovery from production processes combined with the roof heating system, a heat-resistant lighting system and an industrial wastewater pre-treatment plant).

All works were carried out during the production activity of the factory. The detailed schedule of works was coordinated at weekly meetings between Kajima and the NGK team responsible for the production process in the active plant. In order to optimize the design and implementation process of this complex facility, the coordination of all industries was carried out in BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, using a 3D model.

NGK Ceramics, extension / Dąbrowa Górnicza

Client: NGK Ceramics Polska
Execution period: 2017-2018
Scope of work: building permit design, execution design, general contracting
Location: Dąbrowa Górnicza, Ceramiczna 1 St. (KSEZ)
Total area: 35,908 m²