A modern A-class warehouse and logistics hall located in the terrain of the Hillwood Zagłębie Logistics Centre, designed for various tenants. The office space and premises for the staff have a total area of 2,537 m². The facility has been constructed in accordance with the requirements of FM Global and the NFPA. It is a sign of the times that Hall A was established on the site of former CH Sosnowiec, one of the first shopping centers in Poland and the first one that was demolished.

Hillwood Zagłębie, Hall A / Sosnowiec

Execution period:
Scope of work:
Total area:
Client: Hillwood Polska Sp. z o. o.
Execution period: 2018-2019
Scope of work: replacement building permit design, execution design, general contracting
Location: Sosnowiec, ul. Baczyńskiego 2
Total area: 48 150 m²