A plant manufacturing parts to hydraulic systems for the automotive industry, constructed for Parker Hannifin. The facility consists of a production and warehouse part (9,800 m² in total), an office and staff building (2,880 m² in total) and the necessary infrastructure. As the general contractor of the project, Kajima carried out all earthworks as well as construction and installation works, including selected elements of process systems (e.g. a production waste transport unit).

Parker Hannifin was ranked 1st in the REFE Eagle competition, in the commercial facility category (organizer: REFE International Real Estate and Investment Fair), and 1st in the 2004 Lower Silesian Construction Project of the Year competition (organizer: Polish Association of Construction Engineers and Technicians – PZiTB).

Parker Hannifin / Siechnice

Client: Parker Hannifin
Execution period: 2003-2004
Scope of work: execution design, general contracting
Location: Siechnice, Kwiatkowskiego 16 St.
Total area: 12,680 m²