“G” warehouse with an office and staff part and the necessary infrastructure, designed and built for two tenants. Tenant No. 1 occupies most of the hall (approx. 40,000 m²) and a two-storey office and staff area (approx. 960 m²). Nagel is tenant No. 2, for which a cold storage in the other, higher part of the hall (approx. 5,600 m²) and a single-storey office and staff part (480 m²) are intended. The general contractor’s tasks included the development of an execution design as well as all earthworks and construction, installation (including a refrigerating system for Nagel) and finishing works, construction of traffic routes, landscaping as well as reconstruction of approx. 300 m of a commune access road.

Panattoni Park Poznań VII / Komorniki

Client: Panattoni Development Europe
Execution period: 2017
Scope of work: execution design, general contracting
Location: Komorniki (Panattoni Park Poznań IV)
Total area: 47 517 m²