BTS Faurecia automotive equipment production plant with a total area of 17,600 m². The facility consists of a production hall (14,500 m² in total), an office and staff part (1,600 m² in total), technical rooms (1,500 m²) and the associated infrastructure. As part of the contract, Kajima prepared the executive design and carried out all necessary earthworks as well as construction and installation works. One of the aisles in the production hall has been adapted for the installation of a crane with a lifting capacity of 40 tons.

Panattoni, BTS Faurecia / Gorzów Wielkopolski

Client: Panattoni Europe
Execution period: 2011
Scope of work: execution design, general contracting
Location: Gorzów Wielkopolski, Złotego Smoka St.
Total area: 17,600 m²