The Frigo Logistics freezer consists of four main parts. The first two are the food product deep-freezing freezer hall (with an internal temperature of -24°C) and the dispatch hall (with an internal temperature of 0.4°C). Both are connected by a sliding door system and an emergency exit door. The building has an extensive technical section and a two-storey office and social centre. In the freezer room decompression valves have been installed, which continuously equalize the pressure between the chamber’s surroundings and the interior.

Frigo Logistics / Radomsko

Client: Frigo Logistics Sp. z o.o.
Execution period: 2008-2009
Scope of work: general contracting with cold store technology, construction design, executive design
Location: Radomsko, Przedsiębiorców 3 St.
Total area: 14,00 m²