Expansion of the hygienic agents production plant (absorbent products for children and adults) for Essity Operations Poland (part of the global brand Essity, related to hygiene and health care). The plant was extended by a production hall PH3 (5331 m²), office building (352 m²), warehouse hall RM3 (5388 m²), cloakroom-connector (263 m²) and accompanying infrastructure. Apart from the basic scope of construction, the general contractor’s tasks also included coordination in the scope of design and execution of process installations (installations for the transport of diapers, ice water, glycol recovery, ventilation for technological lines, as well as technological piping). The extension was carried out during the production activity of the plant.

Essity, extension / Oława

Client: Essity Operations Poland (former SCA Hygiene Products)
Execution period: 2017-2018
Scope of work: concept design, building permit design, execution design, general contracting
Location: Oława, 3 Maja 30A St.
Total area: 11 334 m²