The extension and redevelopment of the commercial and service facility Designer Outlet Warsaw took place in two stages. Stage I consisted of preparing the site for the extension, including the examination of the technical condition of the neighbouring buildings, demolishing some of them, and, first of all, constructing a four-storey car park (over 800 parking spaces) with a total area of 30,665 m² for DOW’s customers.

Stage II consisted of extending the single-storey commercial and service facility by an additional 7,106 m² . The general contractor’s scope of works also included the construction of characteristic old-town facades, for which DOW is known, and finishing works (including moulding inside and outside the facility). The tenants’ premises were completed in the shell & core standard. Designer Outlet Warsaw after the extension has a modern and advanced BMS system controlling, among others, lighting, air-conditioning, media consumption and monitoring.

Designer Outlet Warszawa, extension / Piaseczno

Client: international company
Execution period: 2019 - 2020
Scope of work: execution design, general contracting
Location: Piaseczno (n. Warsaw), Puławska St.
Total area: 37,771 m² (shopping mall: 7,106 m², car park: 30,665 m²)