Kajima Corporation began over 170 years ago in 1840. Today it is ranked as one of the top global contractors, known for its innovation and in house capabilities in design, engineering and construction.

Kajima Corporation

The Kajima Corporation is based in Tokyo and has approximately 16.000 employees worldwide. Kajima’s operating network covers 18 countries, and operates in virtually every field of construction and real estate management. The consolidated annual sales of the company amount to approximately USD 16 billion, which ranks Kajima in the first division among construction companies in the world. In Europe, Kajima Poland operates within  Kajima Europe.

Kajima offers optimal design solutions, from general contracting services, with an individual approach to the design and construction bringing both within the responsibility of a single entity, to complex urban regeneration projects. Kajima was the first construction company in Japan to establish its own technical research centre, the Kajima Technical Research Institute.

Kajima Corporation has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the preparation, design and construction of all types of structures – from dams, bridges and tunnels to skyscrapers, stadiums and holiday resorts. Our specialists in design, construction, civil engineering and real estate management are always ready to serve our clients. A thorough knowledge of mechanical, electrical and IT technologies, as well as chemistry, agriculture, and oceanography allows us to implement the most complex of projects. That is why the quality of projects is always impressive in Japan and elsewhere.